Basic Linux Systems Monitoring Tools for System Admininstrators

How important is monitoring tools for our IT infrastructure? The best way to ensure a healthy infrastructure is through systems monitoring tools in order to verify performance and resources, act on alerts as well as planning for future improvements and upgrades. Let’s look at Linux monitoring tools for systems administrators:


Usage:                  To monitor multiprocessor usage in Linux.

Command:          sudo mpstat



Usage:                  Tcpdump is a packet analyzer that allows a user to display TCP/IP and other packets being transferred over the network.



Usage:                  A python based I/O monitoring tool.

Command:          sudo iotop



Usage:                  Top is a process activity monitor that gives you a real-time view of a running system.

Command:          sudo top



Usage:                  A similar command to TOP. It is used to view the interactive process.

Command:          sudo htop



Usage:                  Used to monitor the load(resources) of your Linux system.




Usage:                  This command gives you an overview of CPU activity, traps, paging, block I/O, memory, and processes.

Command:          sudo vmstat



Usage:                  This command allows you to take a snapshot of the current processes.

Command:          sudo ps



Usage:                  Monitors the process memory usage on Linux.

Command:          sudo pmap PID



Usage:                  A built-in Linux monitoring and statistics tool used to list network connections, routing tables and network interfaces on the system.

Command:          sudo netstat



Usage:                  Used to gather real-time network statistics on a Linux system.

Command:          sudo iptraf



Usage:                  Helps to monitor the average CPU load and disk activity.

Command:          sudo iostat



Usage:                  Unix based system to check memory, CPU activity, and network.

Command:          sudo mpstat

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