Create A Lucrative Github Profile

What is Github?

Github is a popular and mostly free version control system that provides hosting for software development repositories and source code management functionalities using Git. The company was acquired by Microsoft in 2018 and is a way for Microsoft to offer more and give back more to the opensource community.

While I was browsing through some of the popular tech blogs and trends I usually follow as well as YouTube videos, I came across a few articles and videos on how to update your Github profile and modifying it with a lucrative look and some colors as well as introductions before showcasing your code contributions to the opensource world. Below is an example of my Github profile. You can feel free to use mine or this link to some of the most lucrative Github profiles as a template.

How to modify your Github profile?

So now the big question is how do you modify your Github profile to give it a lucrative introduction? You can create a file whenever you create a repository. To modify your profile on Github like the examples above you have to create a repository with the same name as your username and add a file. The file is where you make your configurations and design your profile look. If you already have a project in a repository named the same as your username and is interested in setting up a profile-level README, then I would recommend either renaming that repository or remodifying the existing repository’s README based on what makes the most sense in your particular situation.

Furthermore as mentioned above, this link provides a repository that was originally created by coderjojo that lists a few excellent Github profile designs. You want to use any of them as a template to modify your own Github profile and create a lucrative introduction for your Github profile.

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