Essential Skills For DevOps Engineers

What are DevOps Engineers?

DevOps engineers are IT professionals that work with other production IT staff to automate and oversee code releases. This is probably a common question among professionals around the world due to the rise of DevOps. In simple terms, there is not a 100% formal career track to becoming a DevOps Engineer. DevOps engineers today are either software engineers that piqued interest in deployment and network operations or systems administrators with elite scripting and coding skills. Let’s look at some crucial skills DevOps Engineers should have:

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Systems Administration

DevOps engineers should be able to administer all types of servers in their sleep. If you have a broad knowledge of both Windows and Linux servers, well that would be an edge for any organization. Automating server deployments is a problem all over organizations and being a skilled systems administrator will work in your favor if you have plans to become a DevOps Engineer.


Containers and Virtualization have become a crucial element in DevOps and at the same time making it one of the most desirable assets for a DevOps engineer. Containers give developers the ability to create applications and deploy them to servers comfortably without any hassles from their laptops. Gaining knowledge and skills in containers and virtualization can be the difference between getting hired or not.

Problem Solving

DevOps engineers should be elite problem solvers both in a cloud environment and in real life. They should have a toolset of shortcuts, approaches and several tricks to lead to a solution. Problem-solving skills will give you the edge to solve issues in multiple settings and give you the edge as the bigger asset in the DevOps team.

Continuous Integration Tools

Continuous integration is a DevOps practice where software engineers merge code changes into a central repository regularly. Continuous integration is the process where builds run automatically and tests on the new code changes to immediately make the team aware of any errors that occur. As a DevOps Engineer, you should be familiar with CI tooling.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are just as vital as technical skills. Having the ability to speak code is awesome and crucial as a DevOps engineer, but having emotional intelligence is also key. Understanding of human behavior makes a DevOps professional just much more valuable to the team.

Fluency in Web Languages

DevOps engineers should be a scripting master or should we say a scripting guru. DevOps languages such as Python, Java, PHP are among a few that DevOps engineers should be fluent in. Writing code to automate processes is key for a DevOps professional.


Nothing can beat a motivated driven individual that loves his job. Passion is what defines an impressive DevOps specialist above all. The will to learn and motivation to become an irreplaceable asset in the world of digital clouds and coding.

DevOps Learning

DevOps professionals are in high demand everywhere with their exceptional skills to ship products with minimal errors. Do you have what it takes to upskill and become a DevOps professional? Here is a list of courses to check out that will help you on your journey to becoming a DevOps master:

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The Complete DevOps & Deployment Technologies Bundle

DevOps with Cloud Computing Bundle

AWS & DevOps Certification Training

The Pay What You Want DevOps Bundle

The Ultimate DevOps and Cloud Computing Bundle

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