Free Overlooked IOS Apps

Millions of mobile apps are downloaded and installed globally. There are even self-formulated lists of the most used mobile apps in the world. Let’s list a few free apps on Apple IOS that a lot of iPhone users might overlook:


Unfold is a toolkit application for storytellers. With this app, you are able to create beautiful and engaging stories from several elegant templates. There are plenty of slick designs that you can include in your video or boomerang to give it that slick elegance.


Libby is an ebook library app for IOS devices. Have local ebooks stored on your mobile phone and want to organize it all in one application? Libby does just that for you for free.


JustWatch is an app to check 100% legal offers on movies and TV shows. This includes all the offerings of streaming providers and cinema offers.


Tunity is one classic, it allows you to hear any live muted TV. Simply scan the TV with the camera in app and leave it to Tunity to do its magic. It makes use of machine learning technology to identify the exact channel.


Want flight and hotel rates you won’t find anywhere else? You can save hundreds of dollars compared to other travel sites. Discover travel deals, set fare alerts and uncover awesome hotels rates with Skiplagged.


Cinder is a utility that you can utilize to identify and remove unused and old contacts. You have the choice to swipe right to keep a contact or you can swipe left to mark a contact for deletion. You can remove all the marked contacts before deleting it permanently.

Enlight Photofox

Ever wonder what you can actually create on your iPhone? Doesn’t matter if you an artist or not, Enlight Photofox will blow you away with all the creative options packed into one photo editing app.


ChefsFeed provides inspiration for dining and drinks, guides and unique experiences from experts. This app works with thousands of the best beverage and food professionals in order to bring exclusive stories and videos to your iPhone. All the foodies out there this is a new way to discover what to and drink based on experience from the best in the business.

MyScript Nebo

MyScript Nebo is always there to help you be productive day after day by taking notes. This app allows you to write and quickly structure your notes and even convert them into digital text.


Letterboxd is an awesome social network for film lovers. This app is available on the iPhone and iPad and enables you to catch up with your friend’s activity easily. is an app that keeps you safe on public wifi networks without any hassles. It has an auto-secure function and will automatically secure you on an airport, hotel and many other public wifi networks.

Know more quality IOS apps that are not on this list? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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