Free Websites to Learn Kubernetes

What is Kubernetes and what is Docker?

Docker is the industry standard today used by millions of developers worldwide to build and share containerized applications. A docker container is a lightweight standalone and executable package that contains everything you need to run an application and includes your code, runtime, system libraries, system tools, and settings. Containers use the same operating system kernel and do not require an operating system per application and are more isolated and secure. ┬áKubernetes is a container orchestration system that automates application deployment, management, and scaling. Kubernetes was originally developed by Google and today it is maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Let’s go through this list of free websites to learn Kubernetes.


1.Learn Kubernetes with Coursera

You can learn various Kubernetes courses on Coursera that was designed to give learners a deeper understanding of Kubernetes. It covers all the features of Kubernetes, the architecture, how to create clusters and many different installation configurations. You will explore Kubernetes on cloud platforms such as Google Kubernetes Engine and Kubernetes on AWS.

>Kubernetes with Coursera

2.Kubernetes The Hard Way

This Kubernetes tutorial walks you through step by step to set up Kubernetes the hard way. It is optimized for learning and taking the long route looping through each task to ensure you understand the steps and tasks required to set up a Kubernetes cluster from start to finish. There are other automated ways to setup Kubernetes but these steps are for people that want to learn the steps it takes to get your Kubernetes cluster up and running. Once you worked through this step by step exercises you can also check out my automated scripts to setup Kubernetes here.

> Kubernetes the hard way


3.Introduction to Kubernetes

If you or your team are beginner users of Kubernetes and container orchestration then this free course on EDX is just for you. It covers guidelines on how to transform your organization to adopt cloud-native technology and containerization with Kubernetes. You will learn how to set up a Kubernetes cluster step by step and deploy applications to your cluster.

>Introduction to Kubernetes


4.Kubernetes Game Pods

This is a website hosting the official Game of Pods which is a free fun game covering a set of challenges that you can play on Kubernetes. You learn and practice your Kubernetes skills with challenges such as deploying an application to a cluster, troubleshooting existing applications, and fixing security and network related issues with a cluster. If you love good playing logical games then this is the perfect site for you to get started and learn Kubernetes.

>Kubernetes Game Pods


5.Kubernetes by Example

Do you have an old server laying around that you can make use of or a cloud subscription to create nodes to set up a Kubernetes cluster? This is a simplified example guide of setting up a Kubernetes cluster and you can do that on an old minimal system running 3 virtual machines to host your master and two worker nodes. This website covers the setup from pods, services, namespaces, nodes, API server, and basically everything to get you started on your Kubernetes learning journey.

>Kubernetes by Example

6.Getting Started with Kubernetes

Want to get familiar with the concepts of Kubernetes then this website is a must to cover on your learning journey. It covers learning tracks such as the concepts to deploying an application to Kubernetes and much more. Visit this website and discover if you have a passion for the world of container technology.

>Getting Started with Kubernetes


7.Kubernetes Ultimate Hands-on Labs

If you learn by doing kind of learner then sit website is ideal for you starting with the prerequisites and introduction to learn Kubernetes. Furthermore, this site covers the steps on how to set up a Kubernetes cluster from scratch and managed Kubernetes Google Kubernetes Engine if you want to go the managed Kubernetes route as an organization or a company. This site offers introductory slides and steps to set up your first pod on your Kubernetes cluster and multiple other tasks to accommodate your learning curve from zero to Kubernetes master.

>Hands on Labs Kubernetes


8.Fundamentals of Kubernetes, Containers and Red Hat Openshift

This course is all about container orchestration and container technology using Docker, Kubernetes, and Red Hat’s Open Shift platform. Your learning curve will cover how to containerize applications and services as well as testing and deploying them on a Kubernetes cluster using Openshift. Containers and microservices are becoming more and more the norm globally in organizations due to its scalability and reliability. Learn Kubernetes and container technology today!

>Kubernetes Fundamentals


9.Kubernetes from zero to hero

Kubernetes is taking application development by storm and according to predictions by 2020 more than 70% of global organizations will be running container applications in production. This guide was compiled by enthusiasts looking to boost the learning curve in Kubernetes and container education and is completely free for anyone to download and start learning. Go from zero to hero with Kubernetes and help shape the application future.

>Zero to Hero with Kubernetes



Kodekloud is a website that provides an environment and platform for learners to gain hands-on Kubernetes experience by working on all the Kubernetes projects. What this website offers is that you sign up as a trainer DevOps engineer and play part in the development project that teaches the learners Kubernetes and container applications. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in application development, you can join and start your learning path.


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