Opensource Discovery - Self-Host Your Own Newsletter Service With Listmonk


Opensource Discovery is a summarized blog article about everything open source I discover on my Opensource journey. In this blog post, we are discussing how to host your own newsletter service with Listmonk and more.


If you're running your own website whether it is a blog or any other service and looking to start a newsletter then Listmonk is a great open-source option. It is a high-performance, self-hosted email list, and newsletter manager that is free and open-source. It makes use of the PostgreSQL database and is developed in go. Listmonk can be connected to any SMTP server, including Amazon SES, to begin managing the newsletter subscribers for your website.

How To Install Listmonk With Docker
Want to run your own newsletter? Listmonk is a self-hosted free and open-source, high-performance mailing list and newsletter manager.

Learning GoLang Programming

On my Golang journey, I came across this repository by Tanner Gabriel that is very useful for all Golang fanatics on their Go learning journey. To understand Go's fundamental and advanced features, this GitHub repository offers practical examples, sample algorithm implementations, and examples of real-world applications.

GitHub - TannerGabriel/learning-go: Projects, Algorithms and data structures implemented in Golang with explanations and links to further readings
Projects, Algorithms and data structures implemented in Golang with explanations and links to further readings - GitHub - TannerGabriel/learning-go: Projects, Algorithms and data structures impleme...

LLaMA - Facebook Opensource AI Models

Meta (Formerly known as Facebook) released some exciting news for AI researchers and developers this week. Announcing their release of LLaMa an open-source collection of foundational language models ranging from 7 to 65 billion parameters. LLaMA's architecture outperforms GPT-3 despite being 10 times smaller and able to run on a single GPU which opens the doors to many more individual researchers and not just organizations.

GitHub - facebookresearch/llama: Inference code for LLaMA models
Inference code for LLaMA models. Contribute to facebookresearch/llama development by creating an account on GitHub.

Jenkins CI For CICD Workflows

Leading industries all over the world have adopted Jenkins, one of the best open-source automation servers, to automate and speed up the delivery of their software to market. It has a large user base that supports and offers hundreds of modules and integrations that can be used to create and expand your CICD automation.

How To Install And Setup Jenkins CI With Docker
Jenkins is one of the leading open-source automation servers and has been adopted by top industries. Let’s have a look at how we can setup Jenkins CI with Docker.

Mautic - Another Awesome Opensource Selfhosted Newsletter Service

More than 200 000 organizations globally use the open-source marketing automation platform known as Mautic. It has more than 35 language translation choices and over 1000 community contributors. Mautic is a fantastic self-hosted open-source choice if you want to host your newsletter yourself.

How To Install Mautic With Docker
Self-host your newsletter with Mautic, an excellent self-hosted open-source option for you. Let’s jump in and set up Mautic with docker.


In conclusion to this list of open-source discovery, if there is an open-source tool or anything open-source related that you want to share with me or would like me to cover please feel free to leave a comment down below. If you enjoyed this article consider signing up for our newsletter and don't forget to share it with people that would find it useful.


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