Reasons to Become a Linux Systems Administrator

Linux is a family of free, open-source Operating Systems based on the Linux (monolithic, Unix-like) kernel created and first released by Linux Torvalds on the 17th of September, 1991. It has become so popularly valuable that it holds the position of the most used Operating System on servers (mainly for System Administration) and other major systems such as mainframe computers and embedded systems. It is also used in other smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, and a little over 2% of desktop PCs.

System Administration involves installing, supporting, and maintaining servers and/or other computer systems and it is usually accompanied by scripting, light programming, and project management tasks, as well as planning for and responding to service outages, among other problems. It requires a simple platform that is secure and reliable with extra points for customizability – features that we know Linux excels at.

So, the job of a Systems Administrator basically involves initiating and managing all sorts of sensitive and non-sensitive computer processes, and it is possible to study the field to expert level, the question is, why should you?

Today, I briefly touch on the 5 important reasons you should become a Linux Systems Administrator. Hopefully, you will add more reasons to the list at the end of the day.

1. Linux Offers More Opportunities than other Platforms

Maybe you just made up your mind to become a System Administrator and you’re wondering why you should get on the Linux path. Or perhaps, you’re wondering why you should be a System Admin at all. Let me be the first one to inform you that Linux powers most of the servers that make the Internet possible, the majority of financial trades across the globe, over 1 billion Android devices, and at least 94% the world’s supercomputers.

All these work together to make Linux system administration one of the most in-demand skills in Information Technology so there will always be a demand for your skills whether the company is a startup or a tech giant like Facebook.

2. The Pay is Worth It

Will you be surprised to learn that System Administration is one of the feasible careers with a reasonable pay to pick up? Online sources give varying values but System Admins take home an average of $62,972 in the United States, with the range falling between $55,697 and $71,645 per year. The value is different in other countries but it is already clear that your starting figure would be one to smile about.

Nobody wants a job where the pay isn’t fair compared to the input required. And since Linux Sys Admins have more opportunities – your chances of getting paid better increase as your skills become sharper.

3. Abundant Resources

I wasn’t joking when I mentioned that Linux is the most used Operating System. The fact that it is loved and used by several communities makes it easier to launch and maintain a career in its related fields and System Admin is no exception.

There are several resources online that you can take advantage of to get started free of charge which you can combine with productive discussions in forums and on blogs.

There are also several certifications specific to your preferred career path and they are more accessible these days than they used to be by a large margin. For example, it is now possible to take Linux Foundation Certification Exams from any location, and people all over the world are grateful for the opportunity because it served as a stepping stone in their career pursuit.

4. The Competition is Real

Depending on the angle you look from, the popularity level of Linux can be a gift and a curse. A gift because the platform is everywhere and virtually anyone can pick interest in an area and run in that direction towards a career. A curse because the same opportunity is open to all making it harder to stand out. With that being said, there 2 reasons why Linux’s popularity is more of a gift than a curse.

  • There will always be a place for Linux System Administrators.
  • The competition gives experts a reason to specialize and improve themselves.

The need for Linux System Administrators is higher now than it has ever been. Even more, is the need for System Admin experts capable of fulfilling the needs of multi-million dollar companies. Competition makes room for improvement and that is how the tech world advances. The competition is real and that’s a good thing.

5. Passion

Last on the list but definitely not the least reason is passion. Passion is the single driving factor that will determine your level of commitment, influence your routine, and secure your position as a Linux System Administrator.tyo

You can only fulfill the saying that “whatever is worth doing is worth doing well” if you develop a passion for whatever it is that you’re doing. With a passion for the knowledge entailed in System Administration, the absence of any of the previously-mentioned reasons will not hold you captive because you will be learning and working out of love for the job and the ambition to make significant changes in the field.

I imagine a Linux Admin passionate about his job will tell you that Linux System Administration is an art. On what grounds can you tell him otherwise?

6. The Future is in The Cloud

Word on the street is that cloud computing is taking over everything. Just like Atwood’s law states, “any application that can be written in JavaScript will be written in JavaScript”, I postulate that “any processes that can be hosted in the cloud will be hosted from the cloud” – call it my own law.

  • Forbes reported that 74% of Tech Chief Financial officers say cloud computing had the most significant impact on their business in 2017
  • IDC reported that cloud computing expenses will grow at 6x the rate of IT spending through 2020 and also reported that by that time, 67% of enterprise infrastructure and software will be cloud-based.
  • Vormetric reported that 85% of Enterprises keep sensitive data in the cloud.

There are statistics all over that prove not too long from now most of our day-to-day tasks will be hosted in the cloud. Plus The Linux Foundation said put it nicely, “A world without Linux would mean a world without the Internet”. This implies that there is security in a Linux System Administration career and you will have no difficulty working with any service that employs cloud services.

7.Linux Systems Administration Courses Available

Linux Academy

CentOS & Red Hat Linux Certified System Administrator Course

The Complete Linux System Administrator Bundle

Professional Python & Linux Administration Bundle

Linux Power User Bundle

Linux Essentials Bundle

Linux/UNIX Certification Training Bundle

What do you think of my reasons to become a Linux System Administrator? Are there reasons enough for you? Are there other reasons we should add to the list? Tell us your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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