Reasons to Become a Python Programmer

Python is the fastest-growing programming language around the web especially in startup environments where there is a limited budget. As a Python Developer, you will usually deal with backend components, connecting applications with third-party web services and giving support to frontend developers on web applications. You can feel free to read through this Roadmap to becoming a Python Programmer. Here are some interesting reasons why you should become a Python Programmer in the Digital Age:

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Easy to Learn

Python is the simplest programming language to learn as your first coding language. The learning curve is much smoother than other languages such as Java, C/C++. It is possible to learn Object Orientated Programming and Functional programming in Python when the time is right during your learning process. Python has a well-furnished standard library and offers many other external libraries that allow you to develop incredible applications. Start with a small project and increase the difficulty as you go along. That is arguably the best way to stay driven to becoming a Python coding expert.


Machine Learning

The growth of machine learning has become phenomenal in the past few years and python is one of the major programming languages to teach machines. Algorithms become more sophisticated by the day, take Google’s search algorithms for example. Companies make use of chatbots globally that answer your queries on their websites and mobile apps. If you are looking to get started with Machine Learning then Python is one major programming language that would make it easy for you to start. Ther are machine learning libraries available in Java but developer communities prefer Python over anything when it comes to Data Science and Machine Learning.


Web Development

Web applications are still one of the top trends in the IT industry which puts web coders in high demand globally. Python offers plenty of amazing libraries and frameworks which make web development easy for coders with libraries such as Django and Flask. One of the popular websites like Reddit was built using Python.


Python is a trending language among DevOps professionals to automate deployments and other tasks. With python, you have the ability to write programs that automate a task and complete it in minutes whereas if you had to do it manually it would take hours and hours. If you are looking to become a professional with Automation and in the DevOps field, there are various resources around the web that you can utilize. LinuxAcademy and Udemy offer various free courses on certain Linux Automation topics. You can read more about becoming a DevOps Professional here.


Data Science

Python has a simple syntax compared to other data science languages. There are a lot of libraries available to perform data analysis. A lot of coders prefer to make use of the R programming language when it comes to Data Science but Python offers so much diversity and plenty of frameworks.


Job Opportunities

The popularity of Python coding is rising steadily and at the same time the python career opportunities. Python is a perfect coding language to learn to start off your career. Python Developers is one of the highest-paid in the industry especially in Data Science, Machine learning, Web Development, and DevOps. Average salaries in the US can range from 70K USD to 150K USD depending on experience and location.


Huge Community

Any python problem you are experiencing can be solved within minutes. There are thousands and thousands of coders that contribute to the Python community with local and global events. Thanks to Google you are able to find a solution to any Python-related problem easily with communities such as StackOverflow.


Resources to help you Learn Python


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