Spacewalk – Free Linux Systems Management Tool

Spacewalk is an open source Linux systems and package management tool. It provides an easy to use web interface to manage and view updates for the registered systems. This tool can initiate tasks such as updates and installations on your remote Linux systems. Let’s dig into some hands-on features of Spacewalk:


What can you do with a Spacewalk Server:
  • Update and install software on configured systems.
  • Inventory of your systems such as software and hardware information.
  • Collection and distribution of custom software packages into management groups.
  • Systems provisioning.
  • Deploy and manage configuration files to systems.
  • Stop/start/configuration of virtual guests.
  • Distribution of content across multiple geographical sites.
Software Management

Spacewalk can manage software content updates for various Linux distributions within your firewall environment. A central web console interface allows you to view systems, software update status and initiate update actions.

Management Capabilities

The Spacewalk tool has provisioning capabilities which allow you to manage systems throughout its lifecycle. You can provision new systems and deploy configuration files. Spacewalk comes with virtualization capabilities that enable you to control, provision, monitor and manage virtual Xen and KVM guests.

Geographically-Distributed Systems

Spacewalk enables multiple Spacewalk proxies that can connect to a central Spacewalk master server. This enables the caching and distribution of content from the Spacewalk server in various geographical locations which reduces the load on the central master server and improving download timeframes at the same time.

Open Source Community Project

Spacewalk is a project open to the community. Anyone can contribute ideas, feedback, patches, draft documentation or even testing.

What does the Spacewalk Tool’s Architecture look like:
Spacewalk Management Server:
  • Setup master and slave servers.
  • Geographical remote proxy server options.
Spacewalk Clients-Client Operating Systems compatible with Spacewalk:
  • Fedora
  • Oracle Linux
  • SUSE Enterprise Linux
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • OpenSUSE
  • Scientific Linux
  • Debian
  • Solaris
Control interfaces:
  • Web Console Interface
  • Command-line Interface

spacewalk web interface

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