Technologies of the next Decade

When we think about the future of technology it can sound scary and exciting at the same time. How far we have come and what we achieved with the innovation and creation of science and technology. So what does the future of technology have in store for us in the next decade?

Artificial Intelligence

Many people believe that AI will close a lot of doors for humanity especially jobs where robots will replace people. I believe that this is not a case and we should see AI as a positive job motivator. According to Forbes artificial intelligence will create about 2,3 million jobs by 2020.

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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is one of the most emerging technologies worldwide. IoT is innovating everyone to move to smart houses and smart cities. A total of 30 billion devices is expected to be connected to the global IoT cloud. IoT is changing the world of electronic product designs and according to Forbes IoT technology will be in 95% of product designs by 2020.

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Mobile/Social Internet

Data figures certainly point to a future dominated by mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones that are always connected. Current studies based on internet usage habits indicate that more than just a future medium but it is already what customers want today. E-commerce sites are already in the mobile age according to studies. Consumers are demanding more mobile commerce services. The mobile internet age is here and it can just develop even more over the next decade.

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Most of us in the world have been introduced to various cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies make use of distributed ledger technology known as blockchain. Blockchains are decentralized systems that records and document transactions that take place involving digital currencies. Blockchains can be defined as transaction ledgers that maintain identical copies across each member computer within the blockchain network. What is the real potential of blockchain networks? While blockchain technology gained its popularity through the rise of digital currencies, there are many non-cryptocurrency uses of blockchain technology.

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Big Data

Relational databases, public web access, wireless, and many more technologies made the study and management of massive datasets a real challenge that needed a name. The name “big data” was adopted referring to the working of massive amounts of information. Data sets that are too large and complex for traditional data management and data processing applications adopted the name big data. Big data became popular IoT and mobile technologies where people produce more and more data each day. The possibilities of big data operations are endless. The majority of organizations and industries around the world make use of big data to manage and utilize data operations.

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Artificial intelligence and the rise of robotics technologies makes automation a tipping point of the future. Robotics of today can perform a lot of admirable tasks and functions without human intervention. Multiple industries such as manufacturing to banking are adopting automation technologies to improve safety, productivity, quality, and profitability. The future of automation technologies looks promising.

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Robots have grown smart and capable enough to walk among men. We can find robots in factories and labs and many more industries. The machines have arrived and it is leaping with man. Robots are making their way into every industry from healthcare, industrial operations, security operations and many more. Adoption to the digital age and the rise of the machines are inevitable.

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Mobile Technologies

The future of mobile technologies looks brighter and brighter by the day. Connecting people across countries all over the globe. Faster wireless transmissions and communications. Flexible mobile devices, mobile wallets leveraging near-field communication to make payments directly, 5G networks, real-time speech translations are some of the mobile technologies we can expect to see advance within the next few years.

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Cloud Computing

We are creating and consuming more data by the day than ever before. Predictions estimate that the global datasphere will grow to about 163 Zettabyte (175 019 917 312 TB) and it needs to be stored somewhere. Cloud computing has become a global trend and popular storage solution for business and personal use. According to statistics worldwide spending on the public cloud has grown from $70 billion in 2015 and is expected to average at $141 billion by the end of 2019. Cloud computing popularity is accelerating and more and more SME’s and large companies implements cloud computing within their business strategy.

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3D Printing

3-D printing has become more prominent in the past few years where small businesses and even individuals make use of 3-D printers. In some industries, 3-D printing is moving from a prototyping system to a manufacturing system. Atkins Global is using 3-D laser technology in various projects. 3-D printing is moving in multiple directions and all signs indicate that it will continue to expand in many areas in the next decade.

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Energy Tech

Traditional energy sources like gas, coal, and oil are becoming more difficult to find and the push towards energy gathering technologies emergy and develop by the day. Focus on getting the most energy from resources that cause the least harm and are energy efficient. Energy tech is in use and companies are experimenting with various alternatives for the future such as wave & tide generated power, solar windows and flying wind turbines.

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The future of cybersecurity is connected to the advancement of technology. Most of our crucial systems in the world are interconnected and driven by computers. With the rise of IoT and many other technologies, this connection will be even tighter. Investment in cyber-attack technologies is on the rise. All that said cybersecurity will become even larger in our personal and business lives.

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Voice Assistants

Being up to date with the latest technologies means that you have come across voice assistant technology. Voice interfaces are advancing at an exponential rate as all industries are racing to become part of the voice interface revolution. Clearbridge Mobile predicts 7 key aspects of the future of voice assistants such as personalized responses with contextual understanding, individualized experiences, changes in search behaviors, voice notifications, and touch interpretation.

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Nanotechnology will play a big role in the future in various industries from clothing to health. It will evolve beyond what we can imagine at present. Nanotechnology is already in the market in some regions. Some companies use it to track its products from the distribution phase all the way to the retail outlets. Nanotechnology is believed to be a distant future technology that we only get to see on television such as on Avengers Infinity War where Tony Stark built a new suit with nanotechnology. The reality is nanotechnology is here and it is advancing.

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Collaborative Technology

Innovative collaboration techniques can improve a company’s productivity magnificently. Data analytics can mean the difference between failure and success. Companies today use tools such as artificial intelligence bots to improve communication between the client and the business. Collaboration applications are used by businesses to communicate via instant messaging and task scheduling as an example all on one platform. There are many collaboration tools in the market and it is advancing every day.

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Health Technology

Healthcare technology is not only convenient but can also be life-saving. A big focus on health technologies such as healthcare chatbots, smart beds, telehealth, patient and staff ID systems, and much more. Health technology is constantly changing and we expect to see a lot of advancement in the near future.

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Human-Computer Interaction

Are we gonna say goodbye to keyboards in the next few years? Welcome to the world of augmented reality and though-controlled word documents. The way people interact with their devices and computers is bound to change within the next 10 years. Perceptual computing is the computer’s ability to be aware of what is happening around it and it is gaining movement. The ability to control devices with human thoughts might just become a real possibility.

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Geospatial Technology

We make use of geospatial technology on a daily basis whether it is tracking a courier package, checking into a location on social media or using GPS to find a location. Geospatial technology already expanded beyond traditional consumers by adding volume to the healthcare, transportation, retail and financial markets industries to name a few. It has become a necessary method for companies to conduct business. No doubt geospatial technologies will expand and populate more industries in the near future.

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Advanced Materials

New and more sophisticated materials are constantly being developed. A lot of researchers are creating various materials to push the limits of what is possible. Materials are being transformed into products with superior properties and functionalities like weight, strength, elasticity, and conductivity. Newly developed materials such as shrilk, graphene and aerogel are among the developments that boast the progress of advanced materials.

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New Touch Interfaces

Various devices such as tablets and smartphones made us pretty familiar with touchscreen technology. Touch screens were originally used in applications such as industrial controls, restaurants, and later gaming devices. All smartphones today has a touch interface and has become something of a second nature to us that it would be hard to imagine life without touch interfaces. touch walls are one of the examples of touch interfaces that is advancing and is already used in various corporate environments. Touch screens are almost universal and are advancing by the day.

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Wireless Power

Tech innovations make life easier, faster and certainly more enjoyable. Recently a lot of new smartphones and smart devices have introduced wireless charging. Wireless power is still a work in progress. Recent developments clear predict a place for wireless power for the future of technology.

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Clean Technology

Clean technology is growing rapidly on a global scale. Throughout the modern age, people used fossil fuels to meet energy requirements. Oil, coal and natural gas powered homes and machinery for years. A fifth of electricity globally is produced by renewable energy followed by wind energy. Clean technologies are advancing. A few examples are solar roof tiles, smart flower technology, energy-harvesting floorboards and much more. The growth of clean technology is accelerating at a massive pace.

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Quantum Computing

In the computing industry, there is a lot of hype around quantum computers and the potential it has to change everything. Quantum computing offers the opportunity to manipulate information in a fundamentally different way. If this technology matures it will solve mathematical problems much faster than any computer system currently in existence. Future quantum computers will enable us to ask even bigger questions that can help us gain a deeper understanding of the world around us. A lot of big names like Microsoft, IBM and Google are in the race to build a mature quantum computer.

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Smart Cities

Smart cities purpose is to make things better and convenient for all citizens. To not only improve the lives of citizens but also improving the environment. IoT technology becomes more and more implemented into objects we use everywhere. What are the benefits of smart cities? City water systems can be monitored and measured. Smart energy systems can efficiently use resources. In addition to those functions, data scientists can use patterns gathered by IoT technology to improve the economy overall.



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Edge Computing

Edge computing is another big use of cloud computing. Edge computing provides significant throughput, better performance, and real-time experience by moving data and computing closer to the user. IoT is on the rise and with it, Edge Computing is evolving as well.

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Faster Internet

Internet connection is becoming a necessity and not just a luxury anymore. Connection speeds are advancing, wifi connections are increasing, new devices such as IoT gadget influences designs and functionalities. We have advanced from dial-up connections to always-on access at super fast speeds. The internet is moving from the megabit era to the gigabit era and low latent networks. Globally everyone is dedicated to making sure the internet works for the future of applications, devices and much more.

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Proximity Technology

Every year we witness new kinds of technologies emerge. These emerging technologies are changing the way we interact with each other and the rest of the world. IoT represents a huge shift in how we imagine the role of technology in this world. Proximity technology is about making interactions more practical. Using relevant and timely data. What is proximity technology? It is technology objects that reacts and changes according to your location.

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