Top Free Websites to Learn Coding

People used to refer to programming and coding as things only geeks partake in but in today’s economy coding is becoming more and more an essential artifact for every company. Like Bill Gates said a while back that if your company is not on the internet in this day and age then it will not survive. Every company today is a software company in some form or shape and if I can give an example like a bank which is a financial institution but all the digital architecture is driven by hundreds of software engineers coding, designing, and architecting the digital platform and software of the business. Software development is one of the most in-demand and lucrative careers around the globe and today I want to share top websites to learn coding online for free.

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Codeacademy is one of the most popular free places where you can learn to code with more than 40 million people already made use of Codeacademy to learn coding from scratch. You can make use of Codeacademy and dive into courses that teach you everything from HTML & CSS, Javascript, and SQL to Python, Ruby, Bash/Shell, and C++.



FreeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization founded by Quincy Larson to bring an interactive web learning platform to help beginners learn to code. The site consists of the programming learning platform with projects, an online community forum, chat rooms, online publications, and blogs as well as organizations that sponsor and intend to make coding more accessible to everyone.



Coursera was founded in 2012 by Stanford University Professors and is an education web platform that offers more than 1000 courses online from universities and educational institutions around the world. There are certain courses where you can pay to receive a verified certification but the majority of the courses are free such as introductory coding courses and various other specializations that include Linux and Cloud Computing as well. Universities involved are Stanford University, Duke University, University of Michigan, and many more. It is also worth mentioning that Global Tech Giants such as Google and IBM are also involved and offer courses and much more project-based work such as coding, building, and architecting applications from start to finish.



Like Coursera, EDX is another leading online-learning platform that is opensource and was founded by Harvard University and MIT in the year 2012. This platform definitely offers cutting edge technology courses from more than 50 Universities and Educational institutions around the world. The most popular course on the platform today is the free Introduction to Computer Science from Harvard University.



Udemy is an online learning platform used by many professionals and students around the world to upskill themselves. There are paid courses that are definitely worth it as I am speaking from experience with an AWS DevOps course. The majority of courses are free and plenty of them are coding courses for beginners to advanced levels.



Github is stacked with plenty and plenty of source code repositories and a community of over 30 million developers around the globe. Coders collaborate and contribute source code for the open-source community and review code as well as managing projects. Every coder can create their Github account for free and store their coding repositories on the platform and share it with the developer communities around the world.

7.MIT Open Courseware

I believe MIT University’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) reputation mostly speaks for itself. I believe as a young student and tech lover beginning highschool it is probably most people’s dream to attend MIT and now they have made that possible with their Open Courseware. If you are learning the basics of coding and want to explore some of the theories behind programming then the MIT free courseware is for you and includes classes such as an Introduction to  Computer Science and Programming in Python.



As probably the biggest and one of the most innovative tech giants in the world, Google’s recommendations are on point. Google launched a web fundamentals course in 2010 and over the years Google has released and made many coding learning resources free and available to the public. If you are a beginner then Google’s got you covered with the Foundations of Programming course.



Hackerrank is an online learning platform that provides coding challenges for coders. Want to practice and give your coding skills a test? Then Hackkerrank is the place for you and it is 100% free to create an account and start testing your skills. You receive achievement and rank badges the more you complete challenges and thus making your profile more public for global companies looking for tech talent.


10.IBM Digital Nation Africa

IBM Digital Nation Africa is an online learning platform that was created by IBM to specifically target the youth in Africa in order to upskill them with coding and digital technology. The platform is made out of project-based work covering various topics and programming languages. You are awarded an achievement badge for every course and project you complete on the website. These badges can be shared on your resume or Linkedin profile to showcase your upskilling. This is perfect for the youth in Africa to start their coding journey by going from zero to an industry expert.



Pluralsight is probably one of my absolute favorite online learning platforms and comes with a mobile and smart tv app as well and industry-leading instructors. I personally use a paid version of Pluralsight and learn plenty of courses that come with excellent video content, skill quizzes/online tests that give you a detailed report on your strengths, and what skills you need to work on. Another bonus is the projects that are available as well. There are projects covering Python, Golang, Javascript, and basically, almost any coding language that you can think of where you build apps from start to finish. If you want to give the platform a test then you can do just that with a free account. Every week Pluralsight makes a few courses available for free for the duration of the week and you can make use of that when you signup for a free account. Definitely one of my absolute favorite platforms that I highly recommend!


12.Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational institution and online platform that is free and has resources available for someone to start their coding journey. Apart from coding this platform also covers various subjects such as math for all school grades and much more. Back in the day we really had to walk miles and miles for experts to give us some guidance with our maths but today the resources are available with a click of a button. This platform is ideal for school students who want to get started with coding.



W3schools has probably been around longer than any of the other platforms so they know exactly how to approach coding lessons. The content on this platform varies with most programming languages and technologies you can think of. This platform is 100% free and ready for you to join and start your coding journey.

Learning to code used to cost lots of money for expensive books and classes but not in today’s time and age. As you can see by all the options in the list above there are plenty of free resources and platforms to choose from. Know of any other platform or online tool that is free and can help anyone with their coding journey, then please leave a comment below with your suggestion.

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