Top Gaming Platforms For Linux Gamers

Want to switch your gaming rig from Windows to Linux? Well, all the development on Linux gaming the past few years has seen many successes and is very much on the rise. There are plenty of Linux operating systems specifically for gaming like Steam OS to name one. Let’s look at some popular gaming platforms for Linux:


Valve’s Steam is the most popular video game distribution service in the world. I personally use Steam on Linux and it works incredibly well. You have the option to play Windows-based games through its Proton software that is still very much in development but can already run a large amount of Windows games on a Linux system. Steam has so much more to offer like their Steam OS based on Debian Linux and the overall software comes with tons of features. Almost every PC gamer uses or used Steam at some point in time.


Want to play all your games on Linux? The answer is simple, go with the Lutris platform. Lutris allows you to have all your games in one place from all the other platforms such as Steam, Origin, Uplay,, and GOG. Once you start to install the game, Lutris automatically install all the dependencies you require for the game in order to play it on Linux. Lutris is a top-tier Linux Gaming platform and will remain free to use for everyone according to their website. If you are making your move to Linux then Lutris is definitely the all-in-one gaming platform that will make any gamer smile.

Do you know of any more gaming platforms available on Linux Operating Systems? Feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section.

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