Jan 17, 2024 3 min read

8 Top Self-Hosted Opensource Project Management Applications Like Trello

List of potential top open-source project management and Kanban options alternatives to Trello with rich features that can be self-hosted.

8 Top Self-Hosted Opensource Project Management Applications Like Trello
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Are you looking to self-host a project management and Kanban board to help you manage your project teams either in your personal capacity or in enterprises? There is a list of potential top open-source options with rich features that can be self-hosted. Let's run through the list:

1. Planka

If you are looking for a Trello lookalike Kanban board to help keep track of your tasks and issues then Planka might be a viable option. It can be deployed easily with Docker and get going with your task management on a similar user interface to Trello.


2. Plane

Plane is the ultimate enterprise open-source project management application platform to manage issues, tasks, sprints, and product roadmaps and could potentially give Jira and Trello a run for their money. It has an intuitive simple and rich user interface and features to explore.


3. Focalboard

Focalboard is a fully-fledged project management application platform with extensive issue and tracking abilities. It can be integrated with the open-source message application Mattermost and comes with a list of features, such as calendars, galleries, lists, and project boards.

Focal Board

4. OpenProject

OpenProject is an enterprise open-source Project Management platform with rich features similar to Trello. OpenProject can be self-hosted and is built for privacy and data security which makes it a top choice for enterprises.


5. Taiga

Taiga is another great open-source project management application built with Python, Django, and Angular. It can add custom fields including a points system that teams might find useful for their tasks and roadmaps. If you are switching from software like Trello, Asana, or Jira, Taiga has an import tool to import your tasks from those applications.


6. Kanboard

Kanban is quite a minimalistic open-source kanban board but does come with several features. Features include subtasks, filtering, comments, attachments, and analytics to name a few. On top of all that this software uses very few resources and can easily be hosted on a system like a raspberry pi for example.


7. Wekan

Wekan formerly known as Libreboard has made miles and evolved significantly from its previous versions. The application closely resembles Trello with a near-look-alike web user interface and application features. It also offers an import tool to import your boards directly from Trello.


8. Taskboard

Taskboard is a minimal simple to use and clean interface built with PHP and TypeScript to keep track of your tasks. It has features like comments, attachments, filtering, and many standard functions that other Kanban boards have.



In conclusion, there are many open-source project management and Kanban software to choose from and self-host within your data environments. If you enjoyed this article consider signing up for our newsletter and don't forget to share it with people who would find it useful. Leave a comment below with a tutorial you would like us to cover.

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