Technical tutorials and step-by-step how-to guides on various opensource software topics and technicals.
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How To Set Up Wazuh SIEM With Docker public
Tutorials 5 min read

How To Set Up Wazuh SIEM With Docker

Wazuh SIEM platform comes with many features such as threat intelligence, security ops, endpoint security, and cloud security. Let's dive into the steps to deploy Wazuh with Docker and connect Wazuh agents to operating systems.…
Chad Crouch
Chad Crouch
How To Install Pi-Hole DNS With Docker public
Tutorials 2 min read

How To Install Pi-Hole DNS With Docker

Pi-Hole has been my go-to DNS server for my self-hosted network. I run my Pi-Hole DNS server in a Docker container on one of my Raspberry Pi Docker Hosts but you can install it on x86 and other arm64 systems as well. In this tutorial, I am going to set up Pi-Hole DNS with Docker.…
Chad Crouch
Chad Crouch
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